OPINION: New Jersey taxpayers can’t afford Sheila Oliver

It is unjustifiable to ever use public money in the democratic election process.

That is why, in 2007, our State Senate and Assembly unanimously approved bill S222 designed to bar donations from public institutions the legislation to then-Governor Corzine for his consideration. One of those “Yea” votes came from my opponent in this November’s election, Sheila Oliver.

Seven years later, Ms. Oliver accepted a $1,125 donation from Essex County College according to the ELEC report she filed with the state for the uncontested 2015 primary.

Was this an honest mistake? Or just another example of how dangerously hypocritical Ms. Oliver is?

Unfortunately, this story is not over yet. The New York Times recently reported that Essex County College was in danger of losing its accreditation. How could someone in good conscience accept a donation from a financially strapped institution even if it was legal?

Thousands of students were at risk of losing their school and having to restart their educational advancement. This is simply unfair and unacceptable. We need a change in Trenton because these are not New Jersey values.

Our students deserve better. New Jersey deserves better.

Now, Ms. Oliver is on the ballot for two positions she cannot simultaneously hold: Lieutenant Governor and Assemblywoman. 

I share a common goal with Lieutenant Governor candidate Carlos Rendo: beat Sheila Oliver to end the Democrat’s cronyism.

While Carlos and I play by the rules, the New Jersey Democrat power-brokers are hedging their bets by keeping Ms. Oliver on the ballot for both Lieutenant Governor and Assembly. No matter what the case be, these blatant acts of disregard shows she is unqualified and her actions will not be overlooked this November.