VIDEO: Assemblyman Zwicker implies to amused Princeton backers that Hunterdon, Somerset counties are Hickland, USA

He can’t even blame it on a hot mic, Save Jerseyans.

Most of you know that Andrew Zwicker is an American physicist at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and a first term Assemblyman from New Jersey’s 16th Legislative District. He’s seeking reelection this fall.

Know what you’re buying, 16th district voters. It’s important.

Flashback to Sunday, March 19th, when the Princeton Community Democratic Organization (PCDO) held an endorsement meeting to select its candidates for New Jersey’s Legislative District 16 and other county and local offices. Assemblyman Zwicker was joined at the podium by Assembly candidate Roy Freiman, State Senate candidate Laurie Poppe, Sheriff Jack Kemler, Freeholders John Cimino and Lucylle Walter, and Council candidates David Cohen and Leticia Fraga.

But Zwicker’s comments about his non-Princeton constituents — and the haughty laughter from his Princeton supporters — are the reason why this IS news, and they say it all about what’s really in this guy’s heart. Hint: definitely NOT YOU (unless you have a Princeton street address, $1 million in your 401(k) and a luxury car plastered with “Not My President” stickers)….

Watch, because seeing/hearing is believing:

“Because the 16th district, as I know you don’t want to accept, is well beyond our borders, goes into Somerset County, goes into Hunterdon County, goes into Somerset County, and… Somerset and Hunterdon County are not quite like Princeton, I don’t know if you’re aware of that,” Zwicker quipped to laughter from the audience.

The Hunterdon County GOP is predictably (and justifiably) pissed on behalf of the rest of the district; they’ve launched “Slick Zwick” and posted a clip of Zwicker’s commentary

Somerset and Hunterdon are, if you’re unfamiliar with the region, much more exurban and “red” than the People’s Soviet Republic of Princeton, one of New Jersey’s wealthiest (and bluest) suburban communities.

Shocked? Sure, but don’t act too surprised. I expect a lot from our readership! Trenton’s disdain for the people it’s supposed to serve is legendary. Andrew Zwicker is simply one of the more recent and particularly egregious examples of the cancerous attitude permeating our elected official class in New Jersey. We know this.

What’s more, if you’re a regular reader, you know that Zwicker is the same elitist who encountered (or invented, T-Bone style?) a “hateful” Vietnam veteran during a door knocking session, talked about it in a Facebook post, and then subsequently took it down or made it private back in August of this year. Oops.

Since 2011, the 16th legislative district encompasses not just Princeton in Mercer County but also the Hunterdon County municipalities of Delaware Township, Flemington Borough, Raritan Township, Readington Township and Stockton Borough, the Middlesex County municipality of South Brunswick Township, and the Somerset County municipalities of Branchburg Township, Hillsborough Township, Manville Borough, Millstone Borough, Montgomery Township, Rocky Hill Borough and Somerville Borough.

If you live in one of those communities?

You won’t be able to say that Matt Rooney and Save Jersey didn’t warn you: your Assemblyman — the physicist who isn’t smart enough to mask his disdain for his constituents — has concluded you’re a knuckle dragging hick.

Vote accordingly.