Federal Jury Convicts Alleged Seaside Park Bomber of Chelsea attack

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK – On Monday, a federal jury found Ahmad Khan Rahimi of Elizabeth, New Jersey guilty as charged on eight separate counts related a September 2016 bombing that injured 31 people in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

Rahimi was also suspected of planting a pipe bomb at the Marine Rune in Seaside Park, New Jersey, on September 17, 2016, which was thankfully detonated without additional injuries. Prosecutors say he planted other bombs, too, in a terror spree that gripped the Northeast last fall.

The suspect was later captured following a gun battle with police in Linden, New Jersey. Rahimi still faces separate charges for the allegedly related Elizabeth, Linden and Seaside incidents.

“Rahimi’s crimes of hate have been met with swift and resolute justice,” said acting Manhattan US Attorney Joon Kim in a statement.

The ISIS-obsessed Rahimi faces a life sentence for his crimes.