REPORT: With Weinstein fundraiser axed, Hilldawg returns to N.J. for Murphy

What do Hillary Clinton (D-Wiped Server) and Phil Murphy (D-Goldman Sachs) have in common? 

Besides an affinity for money, lax immigration regulations, and Harvey Weinstein?

Hilldawg hugging Jon Corzine

They’ll be campaigning together in Harrison, New Jersey on Sunday, October 22nd according to a report from InsiderNJThe ritzy fundraiser’s ticket prices range from $1,000 (just to get in the door) to $25,000 (to “chair” the event).

This is former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Clinton’s first manifestation inside the Garden State since her book tour brought her to the People’s Republic of Montclair in late September.  Just in time for Halloween, too! Appropriate.

Interestingly, in case you haven’t been paying attention and/or are just tuning into this year’s gubernatorial race now, Phil Murphy was SUPPOSED to have a fundraiser about this time on the calendar with Weinstein, the embattled pervert who’s reportedly undergoing FBI scrutiny for alleged sex crimes, until the event was abruptly canceled.

Kim Guadagno (Murphy’s GOP opponent) called Murphy a “coward” for ducking his financial ties to Weinstein. Murphy then lied, denying having ever taken donations from Hollywood’s most infamous sexual predator despite the fact that, during his stint as DNC finance chairman (2006-2009), that institution raked in $28,500 from Weinstein.

Now? It looks like Hilldawg is pinch hitting for her friend, Weinstein, who she waited forever to condemn and re-gift his campaign contributions.

The Guadagno campaign’s attack ads continue to write themselves, Save Jerseyans….