POLL: N.J. moves to ban bump stocks. Is that the right move?

A ban on so-called “bump stocks” –  which are basically pieces of plastic affixed to rifles which engender the effect of automatic fire – is getting widespread bipartisan support in the wake of last Sunday’s Las Vegas shooting.

At the federal level? The NRA is actually supporting the idea. Some gun shop owners back the move, too.

There are also two proposals percolating in the New Jersey legislature.

“My version: you have to turn in your existing bump stocks within 60 days; the Senate version is 90 days. Otherwise my Assembly version is pretty comparable,” said Asw. Holly Schepisi (R-39) when asked by Save Jersey how her measure compares to the Senate Democrats’ legislation.

Where do  YOU stand on the issue?

Banning bump stocks: YEA or NAY?

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