A life worth living

My Dear Save Jerseyans:

In this frustrating, exhausting, overheated time in which we live?

It’s absolutely worth pausing and remembering the fundamental point of Christmas as we begin this long holiday weekend: God loved ALL of you so darn much (without exception) that He was willing to lower Himself and become one of you.

And not simply “one of us,” right?

A poor kid born in a stable!

It was the original ‘Undercover Boss,’ but I’ve never seen a reality TV star allow himself or herself to be crucified to save the other contestants at the end of the show.

We don’t even need to get theological to appreciate the power and purpose in this sacrificial gesture.

Think about it: if God cares that mightily for everyone?

Powerful and weak, man and woman, sinner and saint… Republican and Democrat?

Then maybe, just maybe, you can find it in your heart to NOT assume the worst in your fellow man in 2018?

And treat one another with a little more charity?

Christian living is hard; that’s precisely what makes it a life worth living.

With Love, to You and Yours,