Trump rung in 2018 with New Jersey’s Lou Dobbs, George Norcross

Trump rung in 2018 with New Jersey’s Lou Dobbs, George Norcross

President Donald Trump is back in D.C., Save Jerseyans, but, on Sunday night, the Republican President of the United States rung in New Year 2018 with a lavish party hosted at his Mar-A-Lago estate.

The Associated Press filmed the red carpet:

PRESIDENTIAL NYE PARTY: Guests are arriving at President Trump's Mar-A-lago estate for a lavish New Year's Eve party. The president says that he expects the new year to be "tremendous."DETAILS:

Posted by Fox 35 WOFL on Sunday, December 31, 2017

Among POTUS’s guests?

Some familiar faces for New Jerseyans including Fox Business’s Lou Dobbs (a sometimes discussed hypothetical candidate for high office) and none other than South Jersey Democrat power broker George Norcross III….

The high-powered New Jersey Democrat’s presence at this particular GOP president’s private celebration isn’t surprising to long-time observers of state politics; yes, Norcross is reportedly a member at Mar-a-Lago but the tri-state regional pair have actually enjoyed a personal and professional relationship over many years, one which long preceded the Donald’s 2016 presidential run.

Not present at the party, by the way?

Chris Christie.

That’s New Jersey politics in a nutshell.