FAREWELL: Christie signs host of bills on his final full day in office

Outgoing Governor Chris Christie signed a large number of bills on his final day in office, Save Jerseyans, stirring the pot one last time before Phil Murphy assumes the governorship on Tuesday.

Total signed? 108.

‘Pocket vetoed’ = 50, allowing the balance of the lame duck legislature’s bills to die on the vine before Murphy takes the reins.

Among the signed bill was S-3620/A-5322, the widely-criticized “Dana Redd pension bill,” shortly after the Rowan-Rutgers Camden Board of Governors hired the former Camden Mayor to a $275,000 job. It’s a pension position so yeah, she’s sitting pretty.

Here’s the list:


S-278/A-4995 (Vitale/Conaway) – Requires surgical practices to apply for licensure as ambulatory care facilities

S-293/A-493 (Vitale, Smith/Russo, McKeon, Danielsen, Mukherji, Rooney) – Prohibits use of smokeless tobacco in public schools

S-294/ACS for A-2430 (Vitale, Turner/Conaway, McGuckin, Wolfe, Benson, McKnight, Jimenez, Sumter) – STATEMENT – Requires anyone administered opioid antidote to treat drug overdose be provided with information concerning substance treatment programs and resources

S-677wGR/A-3677 (Rice, Turner/Wimberly, Singleton, Holley, Tucker, Sumter, Quijano) – Requires racial and ethnic impact statement for certain bills and regulations affecting sentencing

S-713/A-3977 (Cruz-Perez, Van Drew/Mazzeo, Lagana, Mukherji, Holley, Downey) – Provides US Armed Forces and Reserves members with protection against interference with their employment, trade or business

S-714/A-5216 (Cruz-Perez, Greenstein/Mazzeo, Mukherji) – Provides US Armed Forces and Reserves members with protection against interference with enjoyment of any accommodation, facility, public accommodation, or privilege

S-745/A-458 (Beach, Cruz-Perez/Mazzeo, Benson, Moriarty, Danielsen) – Permits county clerk or register of deeds and mortgages to create Gold Star Parent identification card

S-848/A-5339 (Stack, Oroho/Mukherji, Chaparro) – Requires certain State oversight of budgets of regional sewerage authorities

S-1163/A-501 (Corrado, Sweeney/Russo, Burzichelli, Zwicker, McKnight) – Establishes certain requirements for use of restraint and seclusion on students with disabilities in school districts, educational services commissions, and approved private schools for students with disabilities

SCS for S-1534, 1771/A-1249 (A.R. Bucco, Beach, Pennacchio/A.M. Bucco, C.A. Brown, Mazzeo, Tucker, Space) – Expands acceptable military separation forms for county veteran identification card; allows issuance to National Guard veterans of other states

S-1651/A-796 (Van Drew, Oroho/Land, Andrzejczak, O’Scanlon, Bramnick, Johnson, Vainieri Huttle, Space, Sumter) – Retitles State correction officer as State correctional police officer; clarifies law enforcement powers

SS for S-1710/ACS for A-3475 (Vitale, Singer/Mazzeo, Vainieri Huttle, Lagana, McKnight, Singleton) – STATEMENT – Requires DOH to establish single license for facilities providing integrated behavioral and physical health care

S-2076/A-3398 (Bateman, Smith/Caride, Space, Taliaferro, Dancer, Houghtaling) – Requires pesticide applicator to notify beekeeper when applying pesticide within three miles of registered honey or native beehive or beeyard

S-2078/A-3400 (Bateman, Smith/Caride, Dancer, Taliaferro, Space, McKeon, Houghtaling) – Requires training for pesticide applicators and operators concerning pollinating bees

S-2180 (Oroho) – “New Jersey Rural Electric Cooperative Act”

S-2205/A-1133 (Van Drew, Diegnan/Sumter, DeCroce, Pinkin, Phoebus, Space, Moriarty, Wimberly) – Requires professional boards to provide for online processing of application for licensure or renewal

S-2239/A-2973 (Diegnan/Pinkin, Singleton) – Allows certain materials to be included in corporation’s proxy solicitation materials

S-2320/A-5325 (Oroho/Conaway, Mukherji) – Requires professionals certifying death to perform any testing and related actions necessary for survivors to claim State and federal benefits

S-2389/A-4097 (A.R. Bucco, Oroho, Pennacchio/A.M. Bucco, Space, Phoebus, DeCroce, Webber, McKeon) – Establishes Lake Hopatcong Fund and dedicates $500,000 annually from certain power vessel operator license fees to the fund

S-2400/ACS for A-1616 (Cruz-Perez, Allen/Burzichelli, Dancer, Taliaferro, A.M. Bucco) – Authorizes use of tracking dog to search for and recover wild deer during prescribed hunting season

S-2485/A-2873 (Diegnan, Turner/Jones, Mosquera, Mukherji) – Requires school districts to offer course in computer science and DOE to adopt changes to NJ Student Learning Standards in computer science

S-2511/A-4368 (Codey, Addiego/Conaway, Giblin, Moriarty) – Enters New Jersey in Physical Therapy Licensure Compact

S-2793/A-4320 (Weinberg, Greenstein/Singleton, Mukherji, Benson, Auth, Lampitt) – Requires health insurers, SHBP and SEHBP to provide coverage for digital tomosynthesis for screening and diagnostic purposes related to breast cancer

SCS for S-2836/ACS for A-4448 (Sweeney/Taliaferro, Burzichelli, Mazzeo) – Concerns certain real property assessment practices and requirements

S-2839/A-4562 (Diegnan, Oroho/Caride) – Clarifying ownership requirements for certain homes and seasonal rentals exempt from bulk sale notification requirements, amending P.L.2007, c.100

S-2968/A-1943 (Vitale, Greenstein/Coughlin, Wisniewski, Chiaravalloti, Mukherji) – Establishes electronic lien and titling system for New Jersey motor vehicles

S-2976/ACS for A-1470 (Weinberg, Ruiz/Lampitt, Mosquera) – Requires health benefits coverage for donated human breast milk under certain conditions

S-2978/A-4404 (Beach, Cruz-Perez/Greenwald) – Permits local units and school districts to invest in local government investment pools managed in accordance with applicable Governmental Accounting Standards Board guidelines

S-3026/A-4634 (Smith, Thompson/Lampitt, Eustace, Zwicker) – Clarifies and expands liability protections for food donations and gleaning activities

S-3233/A-1425 (Van Drew, Oroho/Johnson, Wimberly, Pintor Marin, Wisniewski) – Modifies performance and maintenance guarantee requirements under “Municipal Land Use Law”

SCS for S-3305/A-5035 (Sarlo/Singleton, Pintor Marin, Burzichelli) – Revises tax credit transfer provisions for certain tax incentive programs and revises certain tax treatment of tax credit transfer certificates

S-3341/A-5050 (Ruiz/Pintor Marin, Wimberly, Singleton, Wisniewski) – Extends document submission deadline under Economic Redevelopment and Growth Grant Program, Grow New Jersey Assistance Program, and Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Program

S-3370/A-5205 (Sarlo/Quijano, Bramnick, Mazzeo, Mukherji, Benson) – Regulates and prohibits certain operation of drones

S-3377/A-5263 (Sarlo, Scutari/Egan, Wisniewski) – Concerns powers of appointment

S-3409/A-5071 (Gordon, A.R. Bucco/Vainieri Huttle, Singleton, A.M. Bucco, Houghtaling) – Establishes standardized changed conditions clauses for local public construction contracts

S-3416/A-5074 (Greenstein, Diegnan/Quijano, McKnight, Houghtaling, Downey) – Directs Division of Fire Safety in Department of Community Affairs to survey fire supression systems in public and nonpublic school buildings

S-3439/A-5215 (Sweeney, Lesniak, Bell/Mazzeo, Burzichelli, Lampitt) – Designates Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City as “Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall” to commemorate his outstanding service to Atlantic City and State

S-3449/A-5211 (Bell, Van Drew/Mazzeo, Mukherji, Jimenez, McKnight, Wimberly, Downey) – Allows counties to prioritize county homelessness trust fund grants for homeless veterans

S-3459/A-5329 (Sarlo, Gordon/Burzichelli, Quijano, Lagana) – Exempts law enforcement officers and certain private property towing companies from certain provisions of “Predatory Towing Prevention Act”

S-3460/A-5253 (Pou/Wimberly) – Authorizes State Treasurer to sell surplus real property in Borough of Totowa

SCS for S-3477/A-5200 (Lesniak, Codey, Weinberg/Quijano, Oliver, Prieto, Greenwald, Houghtaling, Downey, Lagana) – Establishes criminal penalties for sale and possession of certain firearm components

S-3502/A-2179 (Sweeney, Sarlo/Quijano, Giblin, Wimberly, Pintor Marin, Spencer, Bramnick) – Directs Governor to withdraw from compact establishing Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor; dissolves compact and commission; transfers commission’s NJ operations to State Police

S-3521/A-5194 (Gordon, Oroho/Eustace, Rooney, Holley, Wisniewski) – Allows expanded use of recycled asphalt pavement

S-3538/A-5207 (Greenstein, Codey/Prieto, Mukherji, Tucker, Andrzejczak, McKnight, Watson) – Amends list of environmental infrastructure projects approved for long-term funding for FY2018 to include new projects and revise allowable loan amounts for already approved projects

S-3539/A-5208 (Smith, Codey/Caputo, Wisniewski, Chaparro, Jimenez, Land, Chiaravalloti, Benson) – Authorizes NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust to expend additional sums to make loans for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2018; allocates funds from Local Aid Infrastructure Fund for operating and administrative expenses for transportation infrastructure purposes

S-3554/A-5210 (Sweeney, Corrado, Vitale/Vainieri Huttle, Holley, Rooney, Benson, Wimberly) – Expands background check requirements for entities that provide services to individuals with certain disabilities and requires inspections of certain entities

S-3555/A-5220 (Sweeney, Corrado/Burzichelli, Pintor Marin, Benson, Rooney, Gusciora, Wimberly, Conaway) – Exempts certain motor vehicles that provide service to persons with developmental disabilities from motor vehicle registration fees

S-3556/A-5266 (Sweeney/Taliaferro) – Dedesignates portions of Route 324

SCS for S-3558/ACS for A-5231 (Lesniak, Cruz-Perez, Sacco/ Benson, Vainieri Huttle, DiMaio) – Revises animal cruelty law enforcement in NJ

S-3565/A-5289 (Bell, Van Drew/Mazzeo, Singleton, DeAngelo, Mukherji) – Increases number of State-funded positions at four-year public institution of higher education that establishes postsecondary academic and residential facilities in coastal city with gaming in resort area of State

S-3566/A-5277 (Greenstein/Vainieri Huttle, McKnight, Singleton, Benson) – Authorizes court to impose lifetime parole supervision on certain child pornography offenders

S-3568/A-5320 (Codey, Turner/Andrzejczak, Zwicker, Houghtaling) – Appropriates $19,266,145 to State Agriculture Development Committee for farmland preservation purposes

S-3570/A-5318 (Van Drew, Oroho/Houghtaling, Downey, Taliaferro, Andrzejczak)

Appropriates $1,737,902 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to State Agriculture Development Committee for grants to certain nonprofit organizations for farmland preservation purposes

S-3573/A-5317 (Bell, Bateman/Mazzeo, Singleton, Andrzejczak, Zwicker, Houghtaling) – Appropriates $7.5 million from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to State Agriculture Development Committee for county planning incentive grants for farmland preservation purposes

S-3575/A-5321 (Ruiz, Allen/Muoio, Land, McKeon, Jones, Zwicker) – Appropriates $4,990,934 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to NJ Historic Trust for grants for certain historic preservation projects

S-3592/A-3831 (Weinberg/Conaway, Lagana) – Requires electronic health records systems to meet requirements to accept, process, and transmit prescriptions for Schedule II controlled dangerous substances

S-3595/A-5319 (Sweeney/Taliaferro, Burzichelli, Houghtaling) – Appropriates $500,000 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to State Agriculture Development Committee for municipal planning incentive grant for farmland preservation purposes

S-3603/A-1778 (Cruz-Perez, Sweeney/Burzichelli, Singleton) – Prohibits BPU review and approval of property transactions of certain telecommunications companies

S-3604/ACS for A-5242, 5300 (Vitale, Diegnan/Coughlin, Benson, Vainieri Huttle, Jimenez, Lampitt, Downey) – Concerns prescribing of certain controlled dangerous substances; requires practitioners to check prescription monitoring information before issuing certain prescriptions to emergency department patients; authorizes medical scribes and athletic trainers to access prescription monitoring information

S-3607/A-5326 (Weinberg, Gordon/Vainieri Huttle) – Amends Mike Adler Aphasia Task Force law to provide term lengths, address vacancies, and replace obsolete task force member

S-3616/A-3931 (Sarlo/Singleton, Holley) – Provides exception to weight limits for natural gas vehicles consistent with federal law

S-3620/A-5322 (Cunningham/Mukherji) – Changes PERS membership eligibility for certain elected public officials and provides for PERS reenrollment

SJR-23/AJR-47 (Vitale, Oroho/Wisniewski, Pinkin, Coughlin) – Establishes task force to study and make recommendations concerning stabilization and growth of volunteer first responder community

SJR-84/AJR-125 (Allen, Beach/Dancer, DeAngelo, Singleton) – Recognizes 100th anniversary of Fort Dix

SJR-98/AJR-147 (Turner, Weinberg/Ciattarelli, Chiaravalloti, Dancer, Holley, Jones, Coughlin, Andrzejczak, Land, Bramnick, Giblin) – Permanently designates April 23 as “Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progessiva Awareness Day” in New Jersey

A-155/S-2609 (Tucker, Caputo, Giblin, Mosquera, Jimenez, Wimberly, Mukherji/Ruiz) – Establishes public awareness campaign concerning the dangers of leaving children unattended in and around motor vehicles

A-492/S-3577 (Russo, Coughlin, Conaway, Houghtaling/Turner) – Protects employee rights to ownership and usage of employee inventions developed entirely on employee’s own time and without using employer’s resources

A-597/S-3637 (Lagana, Gusciora, Webber, Mukherji, Holley, Benson, Danielsen, Wimberly, Downey/Turner) – Establishes crimes of operating school bus with suspended or revoked driving privileges and being involved in accident causing bodily injury; permanently prohibits passenger and school bus CDL endorsements for persons convicted of those crimes

A-760/S-1599 (Moriarty, Jimenez, Ciattarelli, Webber/Van Drew, Turner) – Requires certain professional boards to report licensure exam passage rates

A-1257/S-2638 (Caride, Jimenez, Mukherji, Holley, Benson, McKnight/Cruz-Perez, Van Drew) – Requires school bus transporting students using wheelchairs to be equipped with four-point securement system; requires school bus operator to secure students using wheelchairs

A-1414/S-2812 (Johnson, Giblin/Diegnan) – Establishes licensure for associate marriage and family therapists

A-1856/S-3557 (Wimberly, Jones/Cruz-Perez, Bell) – Makes certain veterans eligible for certificates of registration under Security Officer Registration Act

A-1918/S-3596 (Wisniewski, Webber, DeCroce/Pennacchio, Holzapfel) – Concerns temporary registration certificates for automobiles

A-1954/S-1237 (Coughlin, Benson, Mukherji, Pintor Marin/Vitale) – Makes changes to funding provisions for financial assistance and grants from Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund

A-2098/S-1988 (Mukherji, Lampitt, Eustace, Lagana, Johnson, Downey, Danielsen, Wimberly/Cruz-Perez, Van Drew) – Establishes “Veterans Affordable Housing Section 8 Voucher Pilot Program”

A-2161/S-2237 (Diegnan, Pinkin) – Clarifies that corporation may adopt “force the vote” provision in plan of merger or consolidation; allows directors to amend plan of merger or consolidation prior to effectiveness of plan

A-2162/S-2234 (Diegnan, Schaer, Mukherji) – Clarifies scope of corporate by-laws; provides that by-laws may include forum selection clause

A-2204/S-3355 (Eustace, Benson, Zwicker, Wimberly/Gordon, Cruz-Perez) – Authorizes virtual net metering for certain electric public utility customers connected to certain hydropower facilities and resource recovery facilities

A-2439/S-3360 (Wisniewski, Pinkin, Chiaravalloti, Downey, Houghtaling/Sacco, Cruz-Perez) – Requires DOT Commissioner to develop public awareness programs and use variable message signs to inform motorists about State’s “move over” law

A-2513/S-1999 (DeAngelo, Pinkin, Andrzejczak, Tucker, Conaway, Land/Beach, Allen) – Establishes Military and Defense Economic Ombudsman in DMVA

A-2565/S-888 (Benson, DeAngelo, Jasey, Johnson, Mosquera, Downey, Zwicker, Lampitt/Greenstein, T. Kean) – Allows NJ STARS and NJ STARS II scholarship recipients to maintain program eligibility in the event that medical condition or recent death of parent or spouse prevents enrollment as full-time student

A-2665/S-837 (Lampitt, Vainieri Huttle, Pinkin, Mukherji, Zwicker, Downey, McKnight/Pou, Beach) – Extends health benefits coverage of a newborn infant

A-2970/S-2236 (Diegnan, Pinkin, Mukherji, Karabinchak) – Revises applicability of law concerning derivative proceedings and shareholder class actions

A-2971/S-2235 (Diegnan, Webber, Pinkin, Mukherji) – Clarifies that corporate directors may approve actions without meeting by electronic transmission

A-2975/S-2238 (Diegnan, Pinkin, Kennedy) – Permits corporation to impose reasonable limitations or conditions on use or distribution of books and records by shareholders

A-2977/S-2268 (Coughlin/Diegnan) – Revises law concerning foreign country money-judgment recognition

A-3055/S-2444 (Space, Houghtaling, Dancer, Phoebus/Addiego, Oroho) – Authorizes counties to issue promotional labeling for county agricultural products

A-3150/S-1622 (Land, Andrzejczak, Webber, Houghtaling, Mazzeo, Danielsen/Van Drew, Cruz-Perez) – Authorizes veterans property tax exemption for totally disabled veterans who did not serve in theater of war

A-3293/S-403 (Wimberly, Danielsen, Holley, Mukherji, Sumter/Oroho, Cruz-Perez) – Permits charging late fee for rental payments due on self-service storage units and authorizes sale of property via website

AS for A-3402/SCS for S-2137 (Greenwald, Wimberly/Oroho) – Concerns electronic submission of certain automobile insurance claims

A-3466/S-1278 (Coughlin, Downey, Webber, Mukherji, Phoebus, McKnight, Singleton, Benson, Space/Vitale, Oroho) – Revises application deadline for homestead property tax reimbursement program

A-4044/S-3574 (Greenwald/Bell) – Prohibits non-disclosure clauses in certain contracts

A-4062/S-2342 (Wisniewski, McKnight, Chiaravalloti, Benson/Addiego, Diegnan) – Establishes that failure to maintain lane may constitute recklessness under reckless vehicular homicide statute; designated as Eileen’s Law

A-4079 (Lampitt, Mosquera, DeCroce, Benson) – Provides civil immunity to persons who forcibly enter motor vehicles to remove unattended and unsupervised children

A-4165/S-2894 (Chaparro, Mukherji, Chiaravalloti, McKnight, Vainieri Huttle/Gill, Oroho) – Requires driver education course, certain new driver brochures, and driver’s license written exam to include cyclist and pedestrian safety information

A-4171/S-2584 (Downey, Houghtaling, Holley, Benson/Van Drew, Cruz-Perez) – Establishing New Jersey Commission on Veterans’ Benefits in DMVA

A-4195/S-3057 (Land, Andrzejczak, Jones, Houghtaling/Van Drew, Cruz-Perez) – Modifies requirements for receipt of distinguished service medal; codifies qualifications for receipt of meritorious service medal

A-4219/S-3282 (O’Scanlon, Benson, Zwicker/Kyrillos, Vitale) – Allows minors 14 years of age or older to authorize organ donation; requires MVC to provide organ donation registration to certain minors

A-4280/S-3264 (Chaparro, Chiaravalloti, Benson/Beach, Allen) – Allows domestic violence victims to cancel television and telephone service contracts without paying early termination fee

A-4365 (Mazzeo, Moriarty, McKeon, Benson, Downey) – Authorizes Division of Consumer Affairs to extend orders for controlled dangerous substances under certain circumstances

A-4464/S-2787 (Land, Andrzejczak/Van Drew, Madden) – Permits conduct of punch-board games under raffle license

A-4467/S-3083 (Mazzeo, Conaway, Vainieri Huttle, Wimberly, Mukherji/Bell) – Clarifies that authorized persons and entities may administer a single dose of any opioid antidote, or multiple doses of any intranasal or intramuscular opioid antidote, to overdose victims, with immunity under “Overdose Prevention Act”

A-4573/SCS for S-2966 (Coughlin, Wisniewski, Pinkin/Vitale, Sacco) – Requires MVC to allow submission of vehicle identification number to “Next-of-Kin Registry”

A-4676/S-3185 (Coughlin, Mukherji, Benson, Downey, Houghtaling/Greenstein) – Regulates pharmacy benefits managers as organized delivery systems

A-4763/S-3326 (Caputo, Jasey, Karabinchak, Oliver, Mukherji, Chiaravalloti, Dancer, Rooney/Rice) – Excludes amount of certain early withdrawals from qualified retirement plans in determination by Higher Education Student Assistance Authority of applicant’s eligibility for and amount of State tuition aid grant

A-4787/S-3285 (Andrzejczak, Houghtaling, Taliaferro, Mazzeo, Space/Van Drew, Cruz-Perez) – Authorizes alternate members for farmers on State Agriculture Development Committee

A-4868/S-3259 (Moriarty, Eustace, Kennedy/Greenstein, Thompson) – Extends warranty for partial zero emission vehicles

A-4906/S-3371 (Lampitt, Holley, Mosquera, Wimberly/Ruiz, Turner) – Requires public and nonpublic schools to notify students and parents of availability of summer meals programs and locations where meals are served


S-377/A-918 (Codey, Rice/Vainieri Huttle, Benson, Holley, Danielsen, DeAngelo, McKnight, Sumter) – Requires hospital patient’s medical record to include notation if patient is at increased risk of confusion, agitation, behavioral problems, and wandering due to dementia related disorder

S-447/A-2352 (Allen, Ruiz/Vainieri Huttle, Muoio, Singleton, Caputo, Jasey) – Requires Commissioner of Education to include data on chronic absenteeism and disciplinary suspensions on School Report Card and requires public schools to make certain efforts to combat chronic absenteeism

S-654/A-3490 (Turner, Ruiz/Muoio, Sumter, Pintor Marin, Gusciora, Wimberly) – Establishes restricted use driver’s license endorsement for certain motor vehicle offenders with suspended license

S-1390/A-5268 (Gill/Prieto, Jimenez) – Requires health benefits coverage for orthotic and prosthetic appliances from licensed podiatrists

S-2107/A-536 (Sarlo, T. Kean/Schepisi, A.M. Bucco, Auth, Danielsen, DiMaio) – Provides that PERS or PFRS member who continues to be volunteer firefighter or emergency services worker after retirement with employer from whom member retires has bona fide severance for compliance with State and federal law

S-2276/A-3918 (Smith, Bateman/DeAngelo, Eustace, Johnson) – Modifies State’s solar renewable energy portfolio standards

S-2397/A-3870 (Ruiz, Diegnan/Singleton, Barclay, Jones, Caputo, Quijano, Wimberly) – Directs State Board of Education to authorize computer science education endorsement to instructional certificate

S-2469/ACS for A-1115 (Sweeney, Rice, Weinberg, Cunningham/Oliver, Conaway, Tucker, Sumter, Holley, Wimberly) – Provides that AG handle investigation and prosecution of crime involving person’s death by law enforcement officer while acting in officer’s official capacity or while in custody; requires trial in venue outside county where incident occurred

S-2471/A-4536 (Beach, Cruz-Perez/Barclay, Jones) – Establishes Service Dog Pilot Program for inmates in Camden County; appropriates $150,000

S-2508/A-4386 (Lesniak, Cruz-Perez/Mukherji, Zwicker, Conaway) – “Nosey’s Law”; prohibits use of elephants and other wild or exotic animals in traveling animal acts

S-2704/A-4318 (Diegnan, Ruiz/Benson, DeCroce, McKnight, Pintor Marin) – Establishes grant program for school districts and charter schools to develop dual language immersion programs

S-2853/A-4296 (Sweeney/Muoio, Mukherji, Oliver, McKnight, Gusciora)

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