5 Quick But Irrefutable Reasons Why N.J. Should Embrace Offshore Drilling

5 Quick But Irrefutable Reasons Why N.J. Should Embrace Offshore Drilling

The Trump Administration’s offshore exploration decision is predictably resulting in a ton of hysteria, Save Jerseyans.

What you need to know:

FACT: Offshore drilling platforms wouldn’t be visible from the shoreline with the naked eye. I wrote about this angle at great length back in 2015 when Bob Menendez pulled some manipulative nonsense.

FACT: Sandy likely inflicted more permanent damage upon our coast than the hypothetical, exceedingly rare, industry incompetence-instigated oil spill ever would. Both directly and indirectly! For an interesting introduction to this topic? Click here. And then here. Our elected officials talk more than they think. 

FACT: Like most things environmentally-related, opposition to offshore drilling is 100% emotional and therefore boorishly unhelpful in a serious discussion of the issue. See points #1 and #2 above, but this particular point deserves its own bullet point!

FACT: New Jersey COULD gain big time from offshore drilling since, as has been reported, “[s]tates stand to gain royalties from extraction of these natural resources, and drilling could create hundreds of jobs.” Maybe our federal legislators should spend more time thinking about this angle? And possible ways for us to help the N.J. economy? As opposed to stomping their feet and refusing to consider the possibilities?

Bonus FACT: If you’re tired of evil, bellicose, homophobic, anti-women’s rights, genocidal despots exercising out-sized power in the world’s international affairs? Then energy independence is the only way to go (until some genius invents Sim City-style cold fusion plants).