NJ-02: Abandoning his “moderate” persona, Van Drew takes leftward turn on death penalty, pro-life issues

By The Staff 


A recent edition of the New Jersey Legislative Digest revealed something interesting about NJ-02 congressional candidate Jeff Van Drew (D-1), state senator for New Jersey’s southernmost legislative district:

Co-Prime Sponsors Withdrawn:
S539 (Van Drew,J) Death penalty-reinstates certain
SCR35 (Van Drew,J) Minor child med procedures-notify parent

S-539 endeavors to reinstate New Jersey’s death penalty for a limited set of serious capital crimes.

SCR-35 is a proposed constitutional amendment which, if adopted, would mandate that “a parent or legal guardian shall receive notice before his or her unemancipated minor or incompetent child undergoes any medical or surgical procedure or treatment relating to pregnancy, irrespective of any right or interest otherwise provided in this Constitution.”

Up until now, Van Drew has been a bit of an anomaly in New Jersey politics. Representing a reddish stretch of New Jersey’s rural-and-Shore intensive southern reaches for several years, Van Drew, a dentist from Cape May County, is known for breaking with his party on some issues (e.g. he voted against the gas tax increase) in order to keep winning over local Republican voters’ support.

Now that he’s running for Congress? And facing what’s expected to be something less than a “walk-through” primary cycle against opponents with Leftist credentials?

Van Drew appears to be dropping any pretense of being a “moderate.”

Remember: if he wins in November, his first vote as a member of Congress will likely be for Nancy Pelosi to serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives.