NJ-11: Webber fends off attacks from Democrats, GOP establishment after ‘equal pay’ vote

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. — The New Jersey Assembly passed a cosmetic “equal pay” bill on Monday, one which doesn’t do much — or anything at all — to advance equality in the work place unless you happen to be a female trial lawyer.

New Jersey 11th Congressional District Candidate Jay Webber was one of only two Assembly members to call the Democrats’ scam for what it is and vote no.

Webber’s courageous decision earned praise from conservative circles but also drew a predictable attack from Mikie Sherrill, the radical presumptive Democrat nominee who expressed ‘deep disappointment’.

Wasting no time, Webber pushed back strongly.

“Mikie’s a lawyer who knows that equal pay for equal work is already the law in New Jersey, as it should be.  Mikie’s also a Nancy Pelosi pawn, so of course she’s going to champion a giveaway to plaintiffs’ lawyers – even to the point of going far to the left even of where Barack Obama was on this issue,” said Webber. “Yesterday’s bill is unlike any other in the country and will lead to more junk lawsuits by increasing penalties available to plaintiffs in those suits nine times over.  Jackpot jury verdicts caused by this bill will destroy jobs, lower wages, and close small businesses for women across the State.  It’s hard enough to run a business in New Jersey, and it’s about to get even harder, no thanks to Mikie.”

“I am the grandson of two working grandmothers, the son of a working mother, the husband of a Harvard-trained lawyer, and the proud father of four beautiful daughters,” Webber added. “I’ve also actually created private sector jobs for women in New Jersey, instead of just talking about it.  So our campaign won’t be lectured about caring for women in the workforce – in fact, we welcome the debate.  On the so-called ‘equal pay’ bill, voting ‘no’ was the right decision.”

Somewhat more surprising was harsh criticism leveled at Webber from members of his own party who joined the liberal Democrat majority in backing the legislation designed to expand liability — and the potential for damages – shouldered by employers if they are accused of violating new, highly-subjective ‘equal pay’ criteria.

“I’m not sure Assemblyman Webber recognizes the fact that times have changed in America and that the Republican Party stands for equal treatment of women in the workplace,” said Betty Lou DeCroce, Webber’s running mate.

Both DeCroce and Kristin Corrado, the Passaic GOP Senator who echoed DeCroce’s attack line, have endorsed Webber’s Republican primary rival Tony Ghee, a recently-initiated Republican who generated controversy early in his candidacy by refusing to disclose whether he supported Republican candidates in the last few presidential elections.