Jilted by Murphy, N.J. GOP plans legislation to reverse gas tax increase

TRENTON, N.J. – A significant number of New Jersey legislative Republicans — including Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-Union) — supported the October 2016 gas tax hike which, at least in part, was supposed to be offset by a small decrease in the state’s 7% sales tax rate to 6.625%.

Now Governor Phil Murphy (D) is planning to bring back the 7% sales tax rate without decreasing the gas tax. to pay for his profligate spending.

In response, Bramnick is introducing legislation to bring the gas tax back to pre-hike levels.

“Any increase in sales tax must be used for the Transportation Trust Fund and will be used to reduce the gas tax,” said Bramnick. “I hope all members of the Legislature will co- sponsor this sensible legislation and that the Democrats will keep their word to the taxpayers.”

Legislation shouldn’t be necessary unless Democrats in the legislature go along with Murphy’s unlawful scheme; the legislation signed by Christie in 2016 contained a provision that would automatically erase the gas tax increase in the event that future elected officials (like Murphy) removed any of the built-in taxpayer incentives like the sales tax cut.

This debate comes at a time when gas prices have been inching ever-higher in the Garden State

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