VIDEO: Christie believes Mueller’s been “effective so far” in special counsel probe

CHICAGO, IL — Chris Christie and Donald Trump are allies and, according to some, it’s not inconceivable that the former New Jersey Governor could end up with a White House assignment down the road. 

On Monday? Christie visited the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics and complimented the work performed, thus far, by the President’s arch-nemesis. 

“Bob Mueller himself is not a partisan, he’s an honest guy, he is a hard working guy, he’s smart and you can’t argue that the investigation hasn’t been effective so far,” the alumnus U.S. Attorney told reporters during a press availability.

His assessment stands in stark contrast to the position of other Republicans, notably Vice President Mike Pence, who’ve called on Mueller to “wrap it up.”

This isn’t the first time that Christie has offered analysis which runs counter to the Trump Administration’s stated position; he’s also defended the raid on former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s office and urged Trump against firing Mueller.