GOP Legislators Formally Endorse Zisa’s BCRO Takeover

HACKENSACK, N.J. — Former Hackensack Mayor Jack Zisa is one step closer to cementing his claim on the Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO).

Bergen GOP Committee members will meet the week after the upcoming June Primary to select a replacement for DiGaetano who most believe will not seek another term at the helm after dethroning his predacessor, Bob Yudin, in the last contested BCRO contest.

On Monday, about a month and a half after formally announcing his candidacy to succeed Paul DiGaetano, a letter of endorsement was obtained by Save Jersey that’s signed by the entire LD39 and LD40 leadership signaling the six legislators’ endorsement of Zisa after “collaborate discussion” and “careful deliberation” among them.

Today’s news isn’t “news” in the sense that it’s a surprise, but it does signal the increasing unlikelihood of a real fight for the chairmanship at this year’s committee gathering for the first time in awhile: