Abortionists complaining about kids being separated from their parents at the border is… weird.

By Alyssa Krumm

Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey shared a post to its Facebook page with photos from an immigration rally that took place in Princeton on Friday, along with a quote from one of their volunteers.

The post says: “I can’t bear to be separated from my fur baby; I can’t imagine parents being separated from people babies. Neville’s first rally!” #familiesbelongtogether

The sad irony of a pro-abortion organization lamenting families being separated is lost on PPAFNJ and their volunteers.

Who are they trying to fool? What is abortion if not the forcible removal of a child from his/her mother?!

Planned Parenthood doesn’t give a rat’s behind about families being torn apart.

That’s their business. LITERALLY.

So why would PPAFNJ care about this (partisan, should-be non-issue)?

Besides the fact that they are basically an appendage of the Democrat party and often spout off its talking points, the only logical reason is because there is money and votes at stake.

Don’t believe me? Consider this: it’s widely known and understood that when an American citizen commits a crime resulting in incarceration, their children are separated from them. Why? A few reasons but, obviously, because we don’t send innocent children to prison.

PPAFNJ and others have some explaining to do about their selective outrage. Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen anyone from PPAFNJ rallying to restore American families who have been torn apart due to incarceration.