Menendez needs to explain his contradictory views on Cuban, Trump travel bans

By Matt Rooney

The highest court in the land has settled the issue of President Trump’s travel ban, Save Jerseyans.

But the severely-admonished Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) isn’t prepared to let it go. 

“Today is a sad day for American institutions, and for all religious minorities who have ever sought refuge in a land promising freedom,” said Menendez in a statement released post-decision. “Let’s be clear: the Supreme Court of the United States today upheld a discriminatory policy that does not comport with our American values. Religious discrimination is not a national security strategy. Today’s decision goes against fundamental American values, and by further damaging our reputation overseas, hurts the national security of the United States. Despite today’s ruling, turning away those fleeing horrific violence and persecution or to discriminate against people based on nationality and religion continues to be as un-American as ever. As we saw soon after the President implemented his travel ban, the American people will continue to stand against bigotry, xenophobia, and fear-mongering, and I will stand right alongside them.”

Let’s put all of this in context.

He’s a Democrat incumbent — who just barely escaped jail — running for reelection to the U.S. Senate against a well-heeled opponent in a blue state. Menendez will say anything to whip up a Democrat base that polling and primary results suggest are anything but excited about him, so this former foreign policy hawk who once stood up to the Obama Administration over the Iran Deal is quickly backtracking on national security issues including the Iran Deal.

Menendez’s weakness in this arena means he now needs to explain why (1) the Trump travel ban is racist but (2) the Cuba travel ban is okay.

John Kerry with Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs

He was once blunt and uncompromising on the latter. “We should not aspire to help the Castro regime fill the coffers of its military monopolies with the dollars of American tourists while the Cuban people still struggle to make ends meet and are forced to labor under the oppressive conditions dictated by their government,” Menendez said in a 2015 statement. “Any further changes to U.S. policy towards Cuba and additional sanctions relief must be conditioned on the Castro regime’s actions.” 

“Its a reward that a totalitarian regime does not deserve,” Menendez opined a bit earlier, in 2014. “I reject the notion that somehow it is the United States that has created hardship on the Cuban people.”

So now, Menendez wants to reward… Iran?

And anyone who disagrees is espousing… xenophobia?

The countries selected by President Trump weren’t selected BECAUSE they’re majority Muslim; they were selected because they’ve been repeatedly cited by past administrations — including the Obama Administration — as being hotbeds for terrorism and/or presenting conditions which are conducive to U.S. security risks. Two countries — North Korea ans Venezuela — are home to very few Muslims.

Clearly, Bob Menendez is far more interested in getting his base’s fringe to the polls in November than the truth — and keeping all Americans, regardless of political allegiances — safe and secure. There’s no other explanation for spewing this level of hypocritical, contradictory nonsense!