Rooney riffs on Christie’s book: “‘Let Me Finish’? Who’s ever been able to stop him?”

TRENTON, N.J. — Governor Chris Christie’s forthcoming memoris titled ‘Let Me Finish’ emerged as a top New Jersey political story this week.

New Jersey attorney and Save Jersey Blogger-in-Chief Matt Rooney was back on the Chasing News A+ Panel to give his take on whether the book will have legs.

“Usually, you write  a ‘tell all’ book because you’re trying to tell your side of the story, but ‘Let Me Finish’? Who’s ever been able to stop him?” Rooney told guest host Nate Rodgers. “He’s never gone away; I think Christie fatigue is one of the reasons why his popularity plummeted at the end of his last term. If I was advising him? Go away for a little while, take a vacation, come back in a few years, maybe people will be ready to hear your side again.”

When asked by Rodgers whether a true ‘tell-all’ is even possible, Rooney opined that Christie’s risk of incurring a successful defamation suit is likely limited provided Christie is offering opinions about public figures engaged in public controversies.