UPDATE: Murphy gives retro pay, step increases to AFSCME (after raising your taxes)

TRENTON, N.J. — Phil Murphy didn’t just grace AFSCME’s convention with his presence (and anti-Janus rhetoric) today, Save Jerseyans.

He gave its New Jersey members a $34 million package… and then some.

On Thursday night, the Murphy Administration announced that it had agreed to a $34 million contract with AFSCME’s approximately 6,500 New Jersey state employees.

If it’s ultimately ratified by the public sector union’s membership, members will receive not only retroactive pay increases back to 2015 but also generous “steps ups” moving forward. Governor Chris Christie had frozen these increases back in 2015; tonight’s deal appears similar to the one Murphy reached with the CWA.

Murphy continues to make good on his promises to enrich his electoral allies in the public sector even if it comes at the expenses of taxpayers.

But the state isn’t flush. A newly-minted Democrat budget includes nearly $2 billion in new “revenues” which will come from new taxes, primarily on businesses.