Next stop for New Jersey: Illegals voting? Don’t laugh. It’s inevitable.

By Matt Rooney

Republicans (or at least those of them with a little intestinal fortitude) have long accused Democrats of demanding amnesty for illegal aliens to whip votes.

Most Democrats used to deny this.

Not anymore.

Amid a national Democrat push to abolish ICE and eliminate borders (!), the Left Coast liberal mecca of San Francisco has decided to allow non-citizens to vote in school board elections

“This is no-brainer legislation,” Hillary Ronen, an official with the city’s Board of Supervisors, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “Why would we not want our parents invested in the education of their children?”

Liberals are brazen if nothing else. They’ve long pushed back against GOP concerns about voter fraud, too, despite ample evidence of a mounting problem; for example, a recent review of New Jersey’s public voter records by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) revealed hundreds of registered non-citizens dispersed throughout 11 of 21 New Jersey counties.

Now? They’re skipping ahead a few steps to simply LEGALIZE the thing they previously insisted didn’t (and couldn’t) exist.

Just don’t make the mistake of thinking New Jersey is far behind. You’re not safe on this coast.

Governor Phil Murphy is infamous for holding up California as an road map of sorts for New Jersey’s future. That includes a full-fledged Sanctuary State.

N.J. Democrats are currently rallying around Step #4 on their 10-step plan, which is driver’s licenses for illegal aliens residing in the Garden State. There’s already a bill. “The parents are faced with providing transportation to get kids to school,” said Mayor James Dodd of Dover Township per during a Thursday event held in support of a bill to accomplish the goal. “A lot of them put their children in taxi cabs, young children under the age of 10.”

Of course, this is absurd reasoning.

“Each illegal kid (or child of an illegal) costs the NJ taxpayers as much as $36K per annum just for public schools. And that assumes the AVERAGE cost for a kid in any particular district, not the additional costs attendant to ESL kids, etc.,” countered Republican Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll of Morris County in a Facebook post commenting on the article. “If living here illegally creates a few hardships, that comes under the heading of “oh, well”, and the response from government, on all levels, should be, ‘GO HOME.'”

But Democrats don’t give a damn if you’re paying property taxes to educate the children of people who do not WHILE those same people vote, against you, to give themselves your money.

This isn’t about justice. It’s about power, and there is power in numbers. They’re working overtime to guarantee that legal, taxpaying residents are soon outnumbered by residents who aren’t legal, aren’t paying, and are therefore natural allies for the Democrat “free shit for votes” coalition.

The party of JFK and Daniel Patrick Moynihan is ancient history.

This is the party of Ocasio and Sanders. And Murphy.