Self-styled progressives have ‘created two New Jerseys’

By Matt Rooney

I’m not overly familiar with Joshua Zeitz, Save Jerseyans; all the same, I don’t get the impression that the contributing editor at Politico Magazine and author of Building the Great Society: Inside LBJ’s White House is a raging conservative. 

I was nevertheless enthralled and pleasantly surprised by a exchange that he had earlier this morning with members of the N.J. press corps on Twitter, waxing on the job performance of New Jersey’s all-“progressive” controlled state government. Here’s the relevant excerpt:

Circle gets the square, folks!



Contemporary Democrats spend a ton of time talking about “inequality” in American society, and they’re eager to make you think it’s the product of conservative Republicans, evil corporations, and a long-dead and well-landed white gentry, but here in “blue” New Jersey, where Democrats have ruled most levels of state government for going on two decades, so-called ‘democratic socialism’ has fallen far short of achieving socio-economic equality as clearly evidence by, as Zeitz points out, the ongoing NJ Transit crisis which reached a boiling point while our multi-millionaire governor took an extended powder at his Italian estate.

Put more concisely and simply: “progressives” aren’t achieving progress for this state’s “middle” and “working” classes.

Those who can afford to leave are leaving.

Those who can’t are stuck.

The only ones getting the goodies (the public sector unions) are inheriting a failed state.

Pretty soon? Liberal N.J. will be home to government dependents, working and non-working, and the mega-rich socialists like Murphy who can afford the taxes, but precious few others.

Even those who don’t put quotation marks around the word “progressive” like yours truly are starting to recognize the problem.