Yes, the gas tax is punishing N.J. motorists and tourists this summer

By Matt Rooney
Supply, demand, and uncertainty overseas continues to make this summer more expensive than usual at the gas pump, Save Jerseyans.

When motorists hit N.J. gas stations en route to the beach last Friday? According to AAA Mid-Atlantic, the average regular gallon of gas in New Jersey hit $2.91.

We were paying $2.41 at this point on the calendar in 2017.

Our current total per gallon puts us slightly higher than the $2.87 national average (which is way up from $2.33 last summer). 

Without the infamous October 2016 gas tax hike of 23-cents per gallon?

We’d be at $2.68 at present.

In fact, we’d drop from being tied for the 18th most expensive gallon of gas in America right now to the 12th cheapest.

Yup. It’s almost as awful as riding NJ Transit! Almost.