VIDEO: Oliver North takes Cory Booker to task for ‘smearing’ Judge Kavanaugh

WASHINGTON, D.C. — NRA President Oliver North issued a strongly-worded response to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s detractors on Tuesday, and U.S. Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker (D-Twitter) earned a special verbal smackdown.

“A man who refers to himself as Spartacus, smears a man who serves the homeless, as a racist… I didn’t hold dying Marines in my arms defending freedom, so corrupt politicians could disgrace their heroic sacrifice,” said North.

The New Jersey junior senator and anticipate Democrat presidential contender earned widespread criticism in September not only for his unhinged performance during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings but also for hypocrisy since he had admitted himself to groping a friend, without consent, while he was a teenager.



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