NJ-02: Is ‘moderate’ Van Drew joining the ‘guilty until proven innocent’ anti-Kavanaugh movement?

By The Staff

Congressional candidate Jeff Van Drew has made a career in a rural, South Jersey lean-red district by masquerading as a ‘moderate.’

That’s increasingly hard to pull off now that he’s running for Congress in a cycle in which saying the craziest things, louder and prouder than your election day opponent, seems to fetch the most online donations and social media attention.

Van Drew’s Republican opponent says the veteran Democrat state senator is siding with the anti-Kavanaugh, anti-“innocent until proven guilty” movement engulfing the Democrat Party’s ranks as evidenced by the following Facebook post:


A few of our staffers participating in the National Walk Out and Moment of Solidarity. #BelieveSurvivors #TimesUp

Posted by Van Drew for Congress on Monday, September 24, 2018


‘Believe Survivors’ activists, while insisting their movement has admirable intentions, have in practice engaged in hyper-partisan activities across the county and on social media platforms including ambushing and verbally-assaulting Texas Senator Ted Cruz and his wife at a Washington, D.C. restaurant

The Republican nominee in NJ-02 says Van Drew’s post goes beyond what would otherwise constitute uncontroversial support for genuine, proven victims of sexual assault.

“Van Drew has now revealed himself to support those who are destroying a man without hearing a word of sworn testimony from the accuser, or of the man’s defense,” said his GOP opponent, attorney and activist Seth Grossman. “He supports those in the radical left who claim every woman is always a victim, never lies, never is mistaken, and that every man is always toxic, aggressive, and dishonest. This is identity politics, known in primitive cultures as tribal politics, at its worst.”

“The American system of justice, in fact the foundation of justice throughout the western world, is that an accuser must present evidence and the accused has the right to defend himself against those charges.  The Van Drew Democrats want to reverse our Constitutional rights,” Grossman added. “Any assault on a woman or a man is reprehensible. I believe that we must take any such alleged situations very seriously, giving credence and credibility where due. We must take all means to protect the victims and enforce applicable laws. However, both sides of every story must be heard in our legal system, and you are innocent until proven guilty.”

Grossman’s comments come on the same day that the candidate, dogged by a lack of party support, released his first campaign ad largely focused on economic and fiscal issues.