REPORT: Murphy just hired an ex-councilman who did jail time for bribery

TRENTON, N.J. — Crime apparently pays, and pretty well, at least in the administration of Governor Phil Murphy, Save Jerseyans.

On Monday night, Politico New Jersey‘s Matt Friedman reported that former Democrat Passaic City Council member Marcellus Jackson has landed a $70,000 position as a “special assistant to the state commissioner of education” in the state Department of Education’s Office of Civic and Social Engagement.

The crime part: Jackson served time behind bars for accepting bribes after, back in 2007, he was one of 11 New Jersey public officials taken down by another future governor (then-U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie) as part of “Operation Broken Boards” (via NYT):

“The investigation initially focused on the Pleasantville Board of Education, which runs a tiny, impoverished school district near Atlantic City. With 13 superintendents in the last 10 years, the district has been plagued by turmoil and is now working with a state-appointed monitor.

But then, unexpectedly, Pleasantville officials led federal investigators on what Christopher J. Christie, the United States attorney for New Jersey, described at a news conference here as a “corruption tour” of New Jersey by referring the fake insurers to other parts of the state.”

Click here for the full Politico story.


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