POLITICO: How a former top Christie aide orchestrated Trump’s midterm strategy

By The Staff

It’s been a roller coaster career for New Jersey native Bill Stepien, the 40-year old White House Political Director for the Trump Administration.

The talented young political operative out-worked his peers to reach the highest levels of New Jersey Republican politics, serving as Chris Christie’s campaign manager and later as his deputy chief of staff. He then lost his job in the early hours of the 2014 Bridgegate scandal when Christie declared he had “lost confidence” in Stepien’s judgment, only to reemerge a few years later as a central figure in the Trump political operation, having once again powered his way along on sheer grit, determination, and talent.

Another curve in the track lies ahead. POLITICO profiled Stepien on Monday detailing his role in developing the President’s midterm election strategy. If Republicans defy the odds? No one has more to gain. If they don’t? Or do worse than expected? POLITICO reasons that some detractors will point their fingers at Stepien and blame him.

Click here to check out the full profile. It’s a fascinating read.