Despite anti-Webber cash onslaught, RCP moves NJ-11 from ‘lean Dem’ to ‘toss up’

By The Staff
Sherrill (L) and Webber (R)

Conservative Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-26) has been outspent in NJ-11, a traditionally Republican district, by a nearly 3-to-1 margin this cycle by Democrat Mikie Sherrill as of the latest FEC report, a discrepancy likely to get worse as Election Day approaches.

Whether or not there is a point of diminishing return for all that money may soon come into question. 

On Tuesday, RealClearPolitics shifted the race from “lean Democrat” to toss up after a new poll from Monmouth University showed Webber inside the margin of error.

“Jay Webber has the momentum in this race. For the millions of dollars behind Montclair Mikie Sherrill’s campaign, she has not only peaked, but learned a valuable lesson – the people of New Jersey can’t be bought. Real Clear Politics’ decision to move this race from ‘Leans Dem’ to ‘Toss-Up’ shows that Jay’s message of economic growth and continued prosperity is resonating with voters,” said Webber Campaign spokesperson Ronica Cleary. “Montclair Mikie Sherrill is out of touch and out of step with what voters need and want because her extreme, Pelosi-esque agenda is on full display. We need a bipartisan leader like Jay Webber, who believes in a free, prosperous America with lower taxes, a strong economy, and opportunity for all, to keep this country moving forward. And that’s who is emerging in this race.”

Sherrill recently hit the $7 million raised mark, a record for the district.