A Call to Traditional Democrats: Help Save Our Country, Before it is Too Late | Pennacchio

By Joe Pennacchio


The recent Washington circus involving the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court crystallized what the Democrat Party has become: taken over by extremists, pushing aside the constitutional and traditional values that we have shared for generations. These Democrats attempted to destroy a good man, and in the process, also blew themselves up.

Lewis Carol and Saul Alinsky writing together could not have concocted a more bizarre effort on the Democrats’ part. Any pretense of jurisprudence; moral or civil decorum went out the window. The list of offenses to common decency is exhaustive: The 11th hour release of unsubstantiated and uncorroborated accusations by Dr. Ford; the subsequent illegal leaking of those allegations by Senator Diane Feinstein’s office; and Senator Hirono’s statement that men should “shut up.” Let’s not forget Senator Cory Booker’s so-called “Spartacus moment,” where our very own U.S. Senator had the gall to state that whoever supports Kavanaugh is “complicit in evil.”

Having lost the argument against Justice Kavanaugh, the Democrats are now choosing to obstruct, deceive, and destroy, so that if voters install them in the majority in Congress this November, they can continue to “investigate” Kavanaugh, and remove him from the Supreme Court. Such a move could coincide with the conclusion of the Mueller investigation; a shameful enterprise that by itself has cost taxpayers nearly $20 million.

Overall, I am embarrassed and concerned by this behavior. The Democrats clearly have no intention of stopping and they have expressed no shame for their lack of decency. Instead, they continue to govern in a manner that is so hyper-partisan and histrionic, that if allowed to continue, will surely lead their party and our country into a dangerous abyss.

Traditional Democrat supporters, such as Catholics and trade unions, who have aligned themselves with the Democrats, must ask themselves whether there is actually any room for them in this newly-constituted “far left” Democrat Party of Socialist Machiavellians.

Support supplied by trade unions and Catholics, among others, will fuel this effort to destroy the way America has been governed for nearly 250 years. Your silence will be equally complicit in their takeover of our country. If they succeed, America will no longer be the country you were born into.

Historically, we have been asked to rededicate ourselves to our founding principles. President Lincoln issued such a call to action in his Gettysburg Address. Lincoln knew that the ultimate danger to a Democracy would not come from external foes, but rather from within. We must now remember President Lincoln’s words: “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

I do not believe that the Democratic Party has a place for my trade union friends and fellow Catholics. The Democratic Party long ago classified your “simple” thoughts on religion and traditional values as “deplorable.” They have accused you of clinging to your bibles and your guns. Former Vice President Joe Biden even called you the “dregs of society.”

Republicans, however, share your values. We want to support everyday working people and we will fight hard to help you prosper and find economic success, without belittling the traditional values and morals you hold dear.

Changing the paradigm of the new Democratic Party is, in my view, impossible. That train, commandeered by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders has left the station. The choice of how we govern ourselves is in our – your hands.


JOE PENNACCHIO is a Republican state senator representing New Jersey’s 26th Legislative District encompassing portions of Morris, Passaic, and Essex counties.