Gropacus: U.S. criminal justice system is “a cancer on the soul of our country”

By The Staff

Senator Gropacus (a/k/a Cory Booker) defended Bob Menendez’s presumption of innocence while attempting to deprive Brett Kavanaugh of his.

Last week? The presumed 2020 presidential candidate visited ‘The Daily Show’ hosted by Trevor Noah and denigrated the entire U.S. criminal justice system as a “cancer on the soul of our country.”

“What angers me is before we even had a Donald Trump elected, we had a cancer on the soul of our country; a criminal justice system that treats you better if you’re rich and guilty and poor and innocent,” said Booker.

“We still had kids in my city- people think Flint, Michigan is some kind of an anomaly, there are a thousand jurisdictions where children have twice the lead blood levels than Flint, Michigan. I can go through the things that were going on before Donald Trump was elected that we seemed to tolerate in our nation, a level of injustice that, to me, is outrageous,” Booker added.