LD8’s Howarth: “I am not and will not ever switch to the Democrat Party”

By The Staff

The palace intrigue story lines continue to dominate conversation after the treacherous state Senator Dawn Addiego’s national headline-making decision to jump ship from the N.J. GOP to the South Jersey Democrat Machine which was made public at the beginning of this week. 

Assemblyman Ryan Peters of LD8, a Navy SEAL, has already said he’s staying in the Republican column and accused Addiego of acting out of pure political self-preservation in what is undeniably a blue-trending district.


Tonight? Addiego’s other ex-GOP running mate — Assemblyman Joe Howarth, an educator by trade — confirmed that he won’t be joining the Democrat caucus either. Howarth shared the following on Facebook:

To say that these last two days have been very difficult for me personally is an understatement. Let’s get this out of the way….I am a little tired of people talking around me, talking about me ,talking through me and not talking to me….I am not and will not ever switch to the Democratic Party. A few months ago a rumor was spread that I was not running for re-election….I will again say , that I have always intended to run as a Republican.
Next issue….Many of you on my page knows of my relationship with Senator Dawn Addiego……we have been very good friends for almost 16 plus years…the last 10 we have been inseparable. To say that her recent switch to the Democratic Party has not had an impact on me is an understatement. Over the last two days I have had and felt many emotions…..from being numb, shocked, to betrayed, to anger, to abandonment….. at a time when we could have used her the most……I, like you was never told or had any idea of the switch….I also will never understand why it happened but may over time find out why it happened. What ever the reason I hope it was worth all the friends she had made over her career while she walked by my side and discussed many issues to and from events in the car. We will still have a relationship like I do with many on the other side of the isle….but it will never ever be the same…..for those of you that have reached out to me over the last few days….I thank you for your friendship and encouragement.