Rooney to the Inky: “There’s a squeeze on those in the middle of the economic ladder”

By The Staff

Are people really fleeing New Jersey?

And if so, why?


It’s a debate certain to take certain stage during Governor Phil Murphy’s first State of the State address on Tuesday (1/15).

Save Jersey Founder and Blogger-in-Chief Matt Rooney opined on the dire situation — and the reasons for it — in Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Kevin Riordan’s last column published Monday afternoon – “Last exit: Is ‘everybody’ really leaving New Jersey?“:

Additional factors are delineated in a handy Top 5 list — predictably led by property taxes, then pensions — compiled by 101.5. And other rationales can be found at Save, the proud-to-be-a-New-Jersey-conservative website run by my friend Matt Rooney, where writer Scott St. Clair posted a delightfully snide farewell to the Garden State a few days ago.

“I ran the piece because people need to feel the rage. It’s real, and it’s justified,” Rooney said. “New Jersey is still a great place to live. But with the punishing, regressive property taxes, and business taxes, it’s just not a place where people can prosper. It’s not a place that people can afford. There’s a squeeze on those in the middle of the economic ladder.”


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