Petty Murphy says he’s ready “to elect a new president” in Presidents’ Day message

TRENTON, N.J. — Presidents’ Day was traditionally a holiday to honor Washington, then Washington and Lincoln, and now all presidents of all parties

Governor Phil Murphy is doubling-down on a new angle in our hyper-partisan age: attacking the president(s) he doesn’t like.


On Monday, Murphy’s Democrat state committee sent out a blast e-mail containing a message from the governor:

“Today is also a day to look toward the future, and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to elect a new president in 2020 who shares our values and will work with us all for a stronger and fairer future.” 

The Governor has been a shrill Trump critic since before he took office, comparing the Republican president to Hitler approximately two years ago at a church appearance.

Now in office, Murphy’s acts of defiance including openly flouting the efforts of ICE in New Jersey and filing (or joining) multiple lawsuits against the Trump Administration.