Sherrill, Kim, Gottheimer and Malinowski declare support for non-citizens voting

WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Democrats voted 228-197 on Friday to kill a GOP measure designed to condemn voting by illegal aliens in state and local U.S. elections.

4 of New Jersey’s 5 most vulnerable U.S. House members voted against the measure.


Andy Kim (D-3), Josh Gottheimer (D-5), Tom Malinowski (D-7), and Mikie Sherrill (D-11) all opposed the motion to recommit with instructions the ‘For the People Act’ (HR1), a sweeping measure which passed the House with profound implications for voter registration and campaign finance practice in future U.S. elections. All but Malinowski represent districts carried by Donald Trump in 2016. Malinowski’s lurch leftward has been decisive, earning the dubious distinction of being the only N.J. House freshman last week to support blocking ICE from learning about illegal alien gun purchases.

Only Jeff Van Drew (D-2) — who represents a so-called “MAGA” district in South Jersey — voted YEA with the Republicans.

Every other New Jersey Democrat voted “NAY.”

Congress’s sole remaining Republican from New Jersey (Chris Smith of NJ-5) voted YEA with the GOP. 

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Sherrill and Gottheimer in particular had run as “centrists” in 2018. Their Friday votes will call that self-applied designation into further questions.

Illegals are barred by law from voting in federal elections. Today’s vote was a symbolic attempt by the Republican minority to discourage municipalities — notably San Francisco — from allowing illegals to vote in local elections. San Fran recently moved to allow illegal aliens to participate in the notoriously far-left city’s school board elections.