Did Van Drew really not try at fundraising? His FEC disclosure raises doubts.

By Matt Rooney

Freshman Congressman Jeff Van Drew (D, NJ-02) really crapped the bed with his Q1 fundraising, Save Jerseyans, hauling in only $120,556 when fellow Freshman Mikie Sherrill (D, NJ-11) and Andy Kim (D, NJ-03) raised over half of a million dollars. Combined with his weak 2018 finish and the fact that President Trump carried his district two years prior, the former state senator is increasingly looking like New Jersey’s most vulnerable 2020 incumbent.

Van Drew’s explanation, per New Jersey Globe? He wasn’t trying. But there’s very good reason to doubt that explanation excuse. 


A cursory  review of Van Drew’s recent FEC disclosure documentation suggests he expended considerable effort on raising dough.

In fact, Van Drew’s campaign expended thousands of dollars on items which certainly look like fundraising effort. He paid a fundraising consultant (Eckert & Associates); he also spent cash on “catering – fundraising” and two trips to the post Del Frisco’s steakhouse. Click here for the FEC list.

So did he really not try?

Or did he try and fail?