Kean declares in NJ-07 kick-off: Socialism’s “influence needs to be curbed”

CLARK, N.J. – Tom Kean Jr. is known for being an affable gentleman around the State House and on the campaign trail. 

At his Tuesday night 2020 campaign launch, Kean was blunt in stinking out against the rising tide of socialism in the Democrat Party. 


“Their influence needs to be curbed. Make no mistake, what reform means for them is tax hikes for you,” said Kean, a state senator and son of former Governor Thomas H. Kean, who accused “radical progressives” of “turning [their] back on the freedoms that make America the greatest place on earth.”

Kean cited his own experiences as a young man studying abroad in Eastern Europe in 1988 towards the tail end of the Cold War.

Democrat incumbent Tom Malinowski of NJ-07 is emerging as one of the state delegation’s more reliably liberal members

Republicans are targeting five House seats in New Jersey for 2020 including the Malinowski seat which straddles the counties of North-Central New Jersey.