Booker registers at just 1% in Iowa

Booker registers at just 1% in Iowa

DES MOINES, IA – Cory Booker isn’t in the top tier for the Iowa Caucuses.

In fact, according to the latest Des Moines register poll, he’s not really even in the second tier. Booker is at 1% support in the latest Des Moines Register/Mediacom/CNN poll. Biden (24%), Sanders (16%), Warren (15%), Buttigieg (14%), Harris (7%), Klobuchar (2%) and O’Rourke (2%) are all higher on respondents’ first choice lists. 

So why hasn’t Booker quit the contest? Besides arrogance and a desire to do anything except for his day job?

According to the same poll, Gropacus is much higher up the list when respondents are quizzed on their broader first/second/still under consideration choices.

Booker (at 43%) trails only Sanders (56%) and Buttigieg and Harris (52%) each. He’s ahead of Beto (39%) and Klobuchar (32%). The next candidate down the list (there are 11 others) come in below 15%. Team Booker is clearly hoping to stay in the hunt long enough to outlast enough of the other hopefuls to get a second look. They reason he has room to grow.

He may need to stay on the debate stage to have a shot at that. The DNC just raised the bar for future debate.