Immigrant GOP House Candidate: Electing any of the 2020 Dems would mean the “death of democracy”

MONTVALE, N.J. – The Republican mayor of 8,000 resident-strong Montvale, New Jersey is a Syrian immigrant. He’s also running for Congress in New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District Republican primary with a history of speaking out against Sanctuary Statehood.

Ghassali didn’t mince words in reacting to Thursday night’s second Democrat presidential debate, declaring on Twitter that allowing any of the prospective Dem nominees’ agendas to reach the White House would mean “the death of democracy.”

Every single Democrat participant on night two indicated that they’d support universal health care of illegal immigrants.

“Open borders, free healthcare to illegal immigrants? Free money to anyone over 18, are they even listening to themselves? This legal immigrant is telling you it will be the death of democracy if they get to do what they want to do,” Ghassali tweeted: