Menendez called on Acosta to resign over Epstein and yup, Twitter pounced

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Shame isn’t his strong suit.

The irony was lost on few observers Wednesday night when U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D, N.J.) demanded the resignation of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta:

In his former life as U.S. attorney for Florida, Acosta helped craft a plea deal for the accused underage sex trafficker Epstein which critics say was far too lenient. Those same critics are now demanding Acosta’s resignation following the billionaire’s highly-publicized New York indictment. Secretary Acosta says it’s a fabricated controversy; he insists state prosecutors were set to let Acosta avoid prison before his office intervened and ensured a jail sentence.

Why Menendez would wade into this story is mystifying given how close it hits to home.

Menendez infamously faced sordid allegations of his own concerning jet-setting abroad and vile underage-prostitution, claims which were never taken to trial and proven but which the FBI took seriously and considered corroborated. A mysterious “black book.” Stories of young escorts. A mega wealthy donor friend who later went to jail for blinding seniors to perpetrate a historic Medicare fraud. You can read up more on the history of it all here if you’re rusty or new to Jersey politics.

Needless to say Twitter was merciless in response to Menendez’s Acosta tweet: