Murphy cuts boardwalk funding, signals increases in abortion subsidies

WILDWOOD, N.J. – Governor Phil Murphy’s priorities continue to astound observers on both sides of the political divide.

On Friday, the Democrat vetoed S-1364, legislation allotting $4 million for the Greater Wildwoods Tourism and Development Authority. The money could have assisted with boardwalk improvements at one of the state’s busier summertime tourist destinations.


Two days earlier, Governor Murphy confirmed his support for additional state Planned Parenthood funding, bringing the state’s annual commitment to the abortion provider giant to nearly $9 million.

Tourism is big business in New Jersey. In 2018, the state’s beaches and other attractions fetched close to $45 billion.

The uproar was immediate. 

“First Governor Murphy slashed our school funding by millions while giving tuition aid to illegal immigrants.  Now, he’s vetoing millions more for the Wildwood Boardwalk Improvement so he can fund America’s number one abortion provider, Planned Parenthood – it’s unconscionable!” said GOP state Senate candidate Mike Testa, Jr.; the First Legislative District where Testa is running encompasses the Wildwoods. “Once again, where is the Silent Senator, Bob Andrzejczak, on this key issue?  Sadly, the Senator too often remains quiet when it comes to the havoc being wreaked by Trenton Democrats on South Jersey, for fear that angering them will jeopardize the millions of dollars in special interest campaign contributions they have earmarked to save his political career this November.”

Testa also criticized his incumbent opponent Bob Andrzejczak’s for allowing the Murphy Administration to take $10 million in funding from Cape May County over the past 3 months.

Murphy’s veto of the Democrat-sponsored bill may have as much to do with his ongoing rivalry with the Norcross-led South Jersey Democrat Machine as the governor’s hard-left agenda.

This isn’t Murphy’s first scrap with the Jersey Shore this season. He recently reversed course and repealed the extremely unpopular direct-rental tax after widespread criticism for its negative impact on summer rentals.