Retail epicenter Paramus embraces N.J. plastic bag ban fad

PARAMUS, N.J. – Banning plastic products is all the rage right now in New Jersey.

Jersey City and Hoboken have enacted bans. Now Paramus – the Bergen County retail epicenter which posts $6 billion in retail sales annually – is enacting one of the strictest bans on the books in all 21 counties. 

“Great job by Environmental Commission for assistance with preparing and the governing body unanimously approving Ordinance reducing plastic bag and polystyrene use!” Democrat Mayor Richard LaBarbiera wrote on Facebook last Thursday, one day after the final vote on the ordinance which will take effect in 2020.

The Paramus ban also includes polystyrene food containers.

There are very few exclusions (like plastic used to wrap food in supermarkets).

Trenton legislative efforts to ban plastic bags statewide have not yet advanced past the legislature.


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