ELECTION 2020: Only 30% of N.J. battleground district voters support impeachment

WEST LONG BRANCH, N.J. – New Jersey isn’t gearing up to support President Trump in 2020. A strong majority of battleground district voters, however, entered into the Ukraine call controversy with a negative view towards impeachment.

In a brand new Garden State poll conducted before the Ukrainian angle exploded, “only 37% believe he should be impeached and ousted from the Oval Office now” according to Monmouth University Poll’s results dropped Wednesday morning. In NJ-02, NJ-03, NJ-04, NJ-05, NJ-07 and NJ-11, all districts (except for NJ-04, represented by Chris Smith) where Republicans hope to recapture ground lost in 2016 and 2018, “just 30% support impeachment (65% are opposed) and 38% say the inquiry is a good idea (57% say it is a bad idea).”

Trump’s numbers are predictably very upside down in district represented by Democrats and considered safe.

“Opposition to impeachment in New Jersey is similar to what we have seen in national public opinion polls prior to recent news about the Ukraine issue. But it’s worth noting this sentiment was higher in districts that Democrats managed to take away from Republicans in the last two election cycles,” opined Patrick Murray, the poll’s director. “The bottom line is that most voters in districts that flipped last year want to see Trump turned out of office in 2020. But at the time of the poll, they did not want Congress to get bogged down in an impeachment process.”

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How voters in these districts react to the latest developments of this week remains to be seen.

Andy Kim (D, NJ-03) and Mikie Sherrill (D, NJ-11) both announced their support for impeachment over the last 36 hours.

Republicans believe their opponents have made a huge tactical error. “New Jersey Democrats jumped on the crazy train with their Democrat colleagues obsessed with throwing our country into a constitutional crisis and it will cost them their seats in 2020,” opined NRCC Spokesman Michael McAdams, reacting to the Monmouth Poll results.