POLL: Only 37% back impeaching Trump; women, college-educated Americans opposed

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The transcript dropped this morning, and events could certainly move the numbers one way or the other before this saga is over. But if Wednesday’s new Quinnipiac poll results are any indication, Save Jerseyans, battleground Democrats – like Andy Kim of NJ-03 and Mikie Sherrill of NJ-11 – may soon regret their decision to hop on the impeachment bandwagon.

The Q pollsters found only 37% of registered American voters supportive of President Trump’s impeachment. 57% are opposed. The “no” camp includes 58% of independents, 51% of women and 61% of whites with college degrees, all groups which are essential to Democrats hoping to not just retake the White House but also hold suburban districts captured in 2018.

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Quinnipiac’s poll comes one day after Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her decision to back the initiation of formal impeachment proceedings but also amid anecdotal reports of Democrats getting cold feet or even expressing displeasure with how their party’s leadership is handling a sticky political situation.

On Tuesday, popular New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin concluded that “based on what we know, Pelosi is making a high-risk, low-reward bet.” This early data seems to back him up.