Trial about to begin for ISIS-inspired bomber accused of trying to kill 5 Linden police officers

LINDEN, N.J. – He’s already destined to spending his life in prison, but that’s not the end of his story.

Next week, just over three years to the day from a bomb-fueled terror spree that unnerved the tri-state area, the latest criminal trial of Ahmad Khan Rahimi is set to begin in New Jersey. Jury selection commenced on Tuesday; Rahimi faces charges stemming from what prosecutors say was the attempted shooting of five Linden police officers back in September 2016. 

Born in Afghanistan before emigrating to the United States, Rahimi is already serving more than one life sentence for planting two Chelsea (New York) bombs, one of which exploded and injured 30 innocent victims. Authorities also accused Rahimi of planting bombs in Seaside Park and Elizabeth. 

“Inspired by ISIS and al Qaeda, Ahmad Khan Rahimi planted and detonated bombs on the streets of Chelsea, and in New Jersey, intending to kill and maim as many innocent people as possible,” said U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman in February 2018. “Less than a year-and-a-half after his attacks, Rahimi has now been tried, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison.  Rahimi’s conviction and sentencing are victories for New York City and our nation in the fight against terror.”

An ensuing all-out search for Rahimi concluded in a Linden shootout during which multiple officers were injured. Rahimi was also injured prior to his arrest.