GOP’s Meissner formally launches U.S. Senate challenge to Cory Booker

TRENTON, N.J. – Stuart Meissner is officially seeking the 2020 N.J. GOP U.S. Senate nomination.

“After speaking to voters and activists around the state over the past few weeks, I have been struck by the overwhelming desire to replace New Jersey’s celebrity Senator with someone who is willing to actually work for the people of this state – not just chase votes in Iowa. It’s for this reason, along with continuing a lifelong passion for fighting for the middle-class, that I will present New Jersey voters with a real alternative to Cory Booker,” said Meissner, a former prosecutor and whistleblower attorney announced on Monday morning. 

Meissner plans to make infrastructure a centerpiece o his campaign especially in light of Booker’s role in Newark’s developing water crisis.


“New Jerseyans deserve a Senator who not only has their best interests at heart, but also one who can work with the Senate Majority to bring infrastructure dollars and property tax relief back to the state,” added Meissner.

The freshly-minted candidate had put together an exploratory committee back in August

Booker’s current field of possible GOP challengers is growing but lacks a fundraiser of 2018 Menendez challenger Bob Hugin’s coffers; it presently includes ex-gubernatorial and congressional candidate Hirsh Singh of Atlantic County (who is supported by Chris Christie’s right-hand-man Bill Palatucci) and former independent candidate Tricia Flanagan. Still, supporters hope Meissner’s formidable resume makes him a potent counterpoint to the junior senator.

There’s little doubt that Booker will seek to hold his seat next year. Trenton Democrats previously passed a measure to clarify that Booker may run for president and U.S. Senate simultaneously in 2020 in the unlikely event that he makes the Democrats’ national ticket.


Watch: Stuart Meissner’s launch video