Becchi hauls in $387k for NJ-07 contest

SHORT HILLS, N.J. – Rosemary Becchi is on the board in NJ-07 after raising $387,000 throughout the third quarter. She announced her first significant fundraising numbers on Tuesday.

“I’m very excited about this overwhelming display of support and the grassroots energy that is carrying my campaign. Everywhere I go in the 7th District, people are coming up to me asking how to get involved and encouraging me to move forward,” said Becchi, a tax attorney and leader of the ‘Jersey First’ tax reform organization. “People are tired, as I am, of these uninspiring, career politicians in Washington and Trenton who are ignoring the problems of every day people and families in our state. I want to change that.”

Becchi hopes to earn the GOP nomination to challenge freshman Democrat Tom Malinowski next year.

First, she needs to take on fellow Republican state Senator Tom Kean Jr. who raised over $500,000 in quarter two.