78 days out, Booker registers at just 3% in Iowa

DES MOINES, IA – He’s quickly running out of time.

Democrat caucus goers are less than three months away from making their selections in the 2020 Democrat nominating contest, and Indiana’s Pete Buttigieg is presently on top according to a new CNN/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll of likely participants.

Cory Booker is barely registering at 3%.

Buttigieg, the gay ex-mayor of South Bend, is sitting pretty at 25% well ahead of Elizabeth Warren (16%) and both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders (15% a piece). Booker is tied with Kamala Harris, Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer, and Andrew Yang near the bottom of the heap.

Booker allies have long griped that ‘Mayor Pete’ had stolen the former Newark Mayor’s lane as the darling of the liberal media establishment.

The Iowa Caucuses tend to be hugely important in Democrat presidential nominating contests. Hilldawg (2016), Obama (2008), Kerry (2004) and Gore (2000) all walked away from Iowa with the most delegates and some real momentum. The last time an eventual national Democrat nominee lost Iowa was 1992 when Bill Clinton finished a distant third in the Hawkeye State before earning the “comeback king” moniker in New Hampshire for a strong second place finish there.