Pro-ICE Cape May Sheriff cuts TV ad for Assembly challenger McClellan

By Matt Rooney

Cape May County incurred the wrath of Phil Murphy for continuing to cooperate with ICE. This week, Cape May’s Sheriff Bob Nolan cut a television ad on behalf of LD1 Assembly Republican challenger Antwan McClellan.

McClellan works as a confidential assistant for the Cape May County Sheriff’s Department.

“Now they’re attacking my top aide, Antwan McClellan, in sleazy ads just because he stands up for our president and against their brand of open border socialism,” said the Sheriff in the 30-second spot.

Among the sleaze weathered by McClellan this campaign season: a Democrat super pac mailer which darkened a picture of McClellan, a black Republican, to make his skin tone appear significantly darker. This racist tactic has been employed by other campaigns in past years.