Bramnick stokes 2021 gubernatorial talk, decries “extremists” and “name calling”

Bramnick stokes 2021 gubernatorial talk, decries “extremists” and “name calling”

By Matt Rooney

It seems Assemblyman Jon Bramnick is seriously interested in 2021, Save Jerseyans, something which won’t surprise anyone familiar with the GOP minority leader’s ambitions.

On Friday, the recently-reelected “moderate” posted a Star-Ledger interview in which long-time Bramnick ally/fellow Westfield clique consultant Mike DuHaime touted the Republican minority leader as a strong ’21 gubernatorial contender. Bramnick shared the post with his own Facebook commentary:

“I appreciate the article regarding the politics of 2019. I am most proud that I did not and will not be forced to be an extremists in the world of government. There is a middle ground and there is comprise. No reason for hate and name calling. It does not serve our country well,” Bramnick wrote…

This isn’t new rhetoric from Bramnick.

A frequent critic of Donald Trump, the Assemblyman (a close ally of Governor Chris Christie) previously declared his 2019 reelection victory to be a notable win over the “far right” and left

Whether the statewide GOP electorate would support a Republican who is openly hostile to the President and holds some significant left-of-center views (e.g. a vocal anti-2A stance) remains to be seen. New Jersey likes smack-talkers; the party’s two most popular figures in recent memory where Christie and Trump. Is there an audience for a man whose primary platform plank is friendly discourse?

Bramnick will also need to overcome competition from a field including Jack Ciattarelli, a fellow centrist to the right of Bramnick and Doug Steinhardt, the incumbent NJGOP chairman whose own messaging to date is considerably more in line with traditional conservative viewpoints.