Departacus starts raising funds for his depleted N.J. Senate war chest

By Matt Rooney

Cory Booker (aka Spartacus, Gropacus or now “Departacus”) had a hell of a time raising cash during his ill-fated presidential campaign.

Now that it’s mercifully over, New Jersey’s junior U.S. Senator needs to rebuild his depleted war chest.

“Our presidential campaign is over, but the work to make justice and opportunity real for everyone must continue,” Booker implored supporters in a Tuesday night e-mail blast. “That’s why I’m running for re-election to the U.S. Senate this November. If you want me to return to the Senate for another term, please consider becoming a founding donor of my campaign.”

Booker has a serious fundraising task ahead of him.

According to the latest FEC information, he only had $74,606.28 cash on hand in his U.S. Senate account as of the end of the third quarter and $5,266.05 in debts/loans. 

His presidential campaign had about $3.5 million on hand as of October 2019; it’s unclear what he has left now since he began airing ads before Christmas.