Iran Blinked | Razzoli

By Mark Razzoli

For the moment, it certainly appears deterrence and not appeasement works. For year’s America has tried to reason with the unreasonable. Iran is not a nation that can be trusted. Their hate for America has been showcased for decades. But this time something was different.

President Trump took swift and strong action and sent a clear message – “Not on my watch.”

After the outcry from Democrats of, “here comes world war 3,” it seems that Iran, after a “minimal response,” that thankfully had no casualties, is de-escalating this incident. Make no mistake, Iran for now remains a dangerous world actor and likely will engage in an aggressive and terrorist manner again, but for now, the point has been made, if you attack America, we will fight back.

The world is a better place today following the removal of Iranian Quds Force General Soleimani who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers and thousands more throughout the region. The notion that the President of the United States didn’t have the authority to respond to an attack on our Embassy from liberals is pure partisan rhetoric. This wasn’t a declaration of war. This was a precision strike aimed at protecting our Embassy, military and civilian personnel overseas.

The President’s address yesterday was important, not just as a step to begin to de-escalate a military conflict but also to directly address four key points. Iran will never have nuclear weapons.

The President will increase economic sanctions on Iran, he asked that NATO take a larger leadership role for security in the region, and last, the President let the international community know that countries doing business with Iran may be subject to sanctions.

America is at its best when we lead by example. This week President Trump took the right step to set the example that America and our allies should not and will not tolerate terrorist attacks.


MARK RAZZOLI is a retired Jersey City Police Detective who lives in Old Bridge and serves on the Old Bridge Town Council. Mark is currently a candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District.