Booker endorses Biden who he very recently dismissed as the ‘architect’ of a corrupt justice system

By Matt Rooney

“Joe Biden had more than 40 years to get this right,” Cory Booker wrote back in July 2019, long before his presidential aspirations were dashed upon the rocks of reality. “The proud architect of a failed system is not the right person to fix it.”

Flash forward several months and a lot of political carnage: Spartacus endorsed Biden on Monday morning.

“As I look at him… some of my biggest issues, like criminal justice reform, like racial justice, like economic justice, that he is going to be a strong leader on that… not just to beat Donald Trump, but to bring honor back to that office,” Booker told CBS This Morning.

Biden helped design and build a justice system which Booker believes is racist, unjust and all-around awful. That’s according to Booker…

…until this morning. Now he’s “a strong leader” on fixing the criminal justice system?

Calculated hypocrisy is a time-honored political primary phenomenon. You castigate an opponent one day only to circle the wagons and endorse them the next. This is something a bit more unique; Biden was quite literally the poster boy of all that was wrong with the political establishment, per Booker’s own words, until five minutes ago.

The sound bites alone make it next-to-impossible you’ll see Spartacus on a Biden 2020 ticket.